At the studio we can offer one off drop in classes or monthly membership where you know your classes are all covered without having to worry about remembering to bring your purse.  There is also an online service for those who can't make the classes schedule but would like the discipline of having a class being led for them. New to class and not sure if its for you then try out the two class trial - book your class and get the second one free.

If you haven't attended a class with us before please complete this form before buying and booking your class.

Choose your ongoing monthly membership or purchase a class below.

   Online Membership Options

   Two class stay home trial - £8
    Stay at home drop in - £8

  Choose your regular class to do at home - £20/month

    Yoga Deep Stretch
    Yoga Flow
    Yoga Blend
   Choose more than one class to do at home each week - £32

  Other Member Benefits

   Discounted drop in class for yourself, family or friends

Studio membership, choose how many classes you want to attend each week in the studio 

One Studio class a week - £28/month
Two Studio classes a week - £48/month
Unlimited Studio classes a week - £60/month
Two class trial - £12
Buy a one off class - £12

Other Member Benefits

Discounted drop in class for yourself, family or friends

Access to all the online classes live and recorded

Studio Timetable 

  Monday 9.30am Yoga Blend
Monday 11.00am Yoga Deep Stretch
Tuesday 10.30am Pilates
Tuesday 6.30pm Pilates
Wednesday 6.30pm Yoga Flow
Thursday 6.30pm Yoga Blend 

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All memberships can be cancelled when ever you want* or changed when needed to suit your needs.

So if you need to take a break for a prolonged holiday or a change in your life circumstances then cancel and reset your new membership when your ready.

*membership can be cancelled or changed at the end of your month