Breathe, Stretch, Relax

About Us

Arnava Yoga Studio offers people the chance to breathe, stretch and relax.


I offer Yoga  and Pilates classes in Pembrokeshire as well as workshops, retreats and private tuition.

Whether you are a beginner in Yoga and Pilates or looking for a new class we welcome everyone.

Contact us

07807 322830 or email

Latest News

And we are back online for 2 weeks again - Join us on Zoom.

Here is our timetable:

Monday 9.30am Yoga Blend
Monday 11.15am Yoga Deep Stretch
Tuesday 10.30am Pilates
Tuesday 6.30pm Pilates
Wednesday 6.30pm Yoga Flow
Thursday 6.30pm Yoga Blend
Friday 9.15am Yoga Flow

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I look forward to seeing you soon.